What is Vietnam visa with private letter?

What is Vietnam visa with private letter?

Vietnam Visa on Arrival is one of the types of Vietnam visas for foreign travelers who come to Vietnam. With a smartphone or laptop accessed the internet, applicants can complete applying for their visa online in a few minutes at a travel agent’s website. Then the Vietnam Immigration Department will issue the letter and we will send the letter to your email. And you may wonder how the visa approval letter looks like and how many types of letters there are. This article, we will show you the details related to the private letter as below.

How does the visa private letter look like?

And normally, the Vietnam Immigration Department processes a lot of applications. It is common and legal to get a visa approval letter with several names of applicants applying at the same time. For a common letter, it can be from 2 pages to 5 pages and you will see many strange people in that letter. It’s quite hard for you to look for your name. If you feel uncomfortable with this kind of shared letter, we offer you to apply for Visa On Arrival with the option of “Private Letter” to get your approval letter for only yourself or your group without other strange names on it. So in general, there are 2 types of private letters for applicants: private letters and common letters.

How to get a Vietnam Visa On Arrival with a private letter?

It's very easy to get a private letter. When filling in the visa application form online at our website, you only need to select a private letter at step 1 and make the payment to complete the online procedure.

How much is it for a private letter?

In order to get a private letter, each application will pay an extra fee amount of $5 to get a private visa approval letter. It is a reasonable price for a private letter compared with other agents. Please notice that if you don’t choose the “Private letter” option, you will receive a shared approval letter and we can’t change anything after your application is processed.

Written by Vietnam Immigration and Visa Consultation | Thu, Jul 02, 2020