Overstayed Vietnam Visa

Overstayed is a bad idea, you can extend your current visa at any travel agent around you to avoid overstaying. Do not overstay ever (in any country).

An Official Guide To Electronic Visa For Vietnam

Vietnam's Electronic Visa is one of several visa types offered by the Vietnam Immigration Department to foreigners entering the country. The Electronic Visa is valid for 30 days, and a single entry only. Electronic Visa costs 25 USD for card payments. It requires three full working days to process. As of February 2019, Vietnam's Electronic Visa is available to nationals of 80 countries. 

Do United States Citizens Need A Visa To Vietnam?

All US citizens need a visa to enter Vietnam for business or leisure trips

  • US citizens visiting Vietnam under a 1-year tourist visa must leave the country after every 90 days of stay. 
  • US citizens visiting Vietnam under a 1-year business visa can stay the entire time

Vietnam Visa Run

You may have once heard about the phrase “Vietnam Visa Run”. As a regular tourist to Vietnam, you are probably not familiar with the term “Vietnam visa run”, however, you should have known about Vietnam Visa Run if you are planning to stay long in Vietnam and wish to avoid overstaying, or want to prolong your stay less expensively as Vietnam visa extension is quite costly. This post gives you the information about Vietnam Visa Run.

Vietnam Visa Exemptions

Vietnam offers Visa Exemptions ranging from 14 to 90 days to citizens of 23 countries holding valid ordinary passports. The full list of countries with Visa Exemptions is below.

All nationalities traveling directly to Phu Quoc Island can visit the island for 30 days visa-free. To do this you will need to show a return ticket on arrival in Vietnam. 

Benefits Of Online Payment Gates

Lots of customers have questions like “What are the payment gates that we can use to settle payment for applications? or “Why choose the online payment gates?”. In this post, we will show you the reasons for and benefits of online payment gates.

Apply An Exit Vietnam Visa Incase Your Passport Get Lost, Destroyed

You can not leave the country without a passport or the damaged passport with several pages left. There will be a lot of unexpected things happen during your trip. One of the tough cases is you losing your passport with your Vietnam visa in it and some reason your passport is destroyed of damage for several pages.

The Perfect Way To Apply Vietnam Visa For Your Short Trip

There is a variety for a Vietnam visa for many purposes bases on how long you plan on staying and your purpose of entry. There are visas for business, tourist, working, investing, etc. But most basic visa type is business, tourist. A business visa is designated as Type as DN, while tourist visa type is visa is designated as Type as DL within the Vietnamese immigration department in your passport. 

Vietnam Visa Duration For VOA (Visa On Arrival) And E- Visa (Electronic Visa)

Before applying for Vietnam visa you should know how long you will stay for the country, How many times you will enter and exit the country. The visa online like VOA (visa on arrival ) can be issued online for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year for multiple entries and single entry. However 6 months and a 1-year visa type only for USA Passport holder. 

What Should I Take Note When Applying For The Vietnam Visa On Arrival While Having Dual National?

Dual national means that a person who is a citizen of two countries, having legal rights and obligations in connection with both countries. While there may be advantages associated with holding dual national, such as when applying for the Vietnam Visa On Arrival. These are the notes that you have to take if planning to apply for the Vietnam Visa while holding dual nationals.