What Should I Take Note Before Applying For Vietnam Visa?

Visa - a conditional authorization granted by territory to foreigners, allowing them to enter, remain within, or to leave that territory. This is the most important thing that you should know when thinking of travel. It’s like the “permission” of a country allows you to access. Therefore, things get easier if you have the right information and notes before submitting for a Vietnam Visa.

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First of all, together with a Vietnam visa to travel, or also the first important thing to apply for a Vietnam visa is your passport. And kindly note that your visa must be valid at least 6 months since your entry date. If not, please renew your passport before submitting it. Once the Vietnam visa was issued by the Immigration, we can’t change any information. If you renew your passport after applying for the visa, you’ll have to re-apply for another visa, or you’ll be denied. So please check your passport validity first.

Secondly, please check whether you require a visa for Vietnam or not. There’re some countries that have visa exemption; and some passport types that do not request a visa. And if you just want to make a short stay (within the visa exemption validity) you do not need to apply for it. However, if you wish to stay longer, then move to the next step to apply for a visa. Check the list of countries that have a Vietnam Visa Exemption here. If you suppose to arrive by the visa exemption, you need to prove your exit proof when entering, such as exit flight tickets or bus tickets in case you leave by the land port, etc.

Thirdly, you have to define the Arrival and Exit date, staying period in Vietnam.

Fourthly, the Vietnam visa approval letter online will be processed and sent on a working day.

For example, if you submit your application on Friday, it takes 2 working days processing for the 1-month single-entry tourist visa, therefore, your Vietnam visa approval letter will be sent at 6 PM GMT+7 Monday (normal processing).

If you submit your application on the date before the holiday, then the approval letter will be sent at 6 PM GMT+7 of the date after the holiday.

Moreover, the application once submitted to the Immigration cannot be changed or cancel.

And finally, the Vietnam Immigration Department reserves the right to reject any application without having to provide any reason.

Above are the notes that you should take before submitting the Vietnam visa application. We hope these travel tips useful for your trip.

Written by Vietnam Immigration and Visa Consultation | Thu, Jul 02, 2020