How To Fill The Application Form For Visa On Arrival?

The phrase from Visa on Arrival has become very popular with people who often travel abroad, but it is pretty new to those without experience. So what is Visa on Arrival?

To enter a country, the first thing is to apply for a Visa on Arrival of that country (except for cases of visa exemption). Often the Visa on Arrival application process takes too many steps and is quite time-consuming. Visa entry to the airport (Visa on Arrival ) also known as the visa taken at the airport is the best choice for those who are far away from the Embassy or in case of irregularities without time to make a normal visa.

Visa on Arrival Service helps you get an entry visa at the airport upon arrival in Vietnam. The process of making this Visa on Arrival is very simple, does not take time and travel costs.

Now, please check the steps below to figure out how to fill the application Visa on Arrival form accurately

All part have the sign “ * ” must be filled correctly

Step 1: Fill in the application form for Visa on Arrival to choose visa options

Type of visa base on your itinerary, you have to choose visa type which is suitable for your trip

  • single entry is valid for a one-time entrance
  • multiple entries are good for entering more than 1 time within the validity period

+ Arrival date: the Approval letter has a specified period. It will be valid from the arrival date which is selected on Visa on Arrival  form so applicants can not enter before that time

+ Upon arrival servicesthat isn’t mandatory for Visa on Arrival processing but we recommend all passengers use extra services for getting Visa on Arrival  quickly upon arrival

Step 2: Account Login

Step 3: Application Details

In passport information box: fill the details correctly as in your passport data page.

(source: internet)

In contact information box: kindly put your alternate email and phone in case needed

Step 4: Review & Payment

Double-check the information and make the payment by Credit/Debit Card via Online Payment Gates and Bank Transfer

With news passengers have not had an account yet, you can follow “PayPal Guest Checkout” to create an account. Then following to settle payment

In case you already had, try to log in and finish the payment

Bank transfer (USD only):

• Account name: La Quoc Khanh

• Account Number: 161180899 (USD)

• Swift code: ASCBVNVX                   

• Bank name: Asia Commercial Bank Bank (ACB)

• Address: 47 Hau Giang Street, Ward 2, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Bank transaction fee shall be your responsibility to pay


In case you have VIETNAM currency, you can send us through  VIETNAM account

Bank transfer Vietcombank (VND only):

* Account Name: La Quoc Khanh

* Account Number:

* Bank Name: Vietcombank (VCB - Binh Tay) - VND

Bank transaction fee shall be your responsibility to pay


After making payment, please send your receipt by email for checking


Step 5: You will receive an email with your application ID in the title to confirm about the successful Visa on Arrival application and the time when you will receive the Approval Letter (Visa on Arrival) via email

Written by Vietnam Immigration and Visa Consultation | Thu, Jul 02, 2020