Criminal Record - Criminal Background Check

Criminal record or police check provides the previous criminal conviction or proves no criminal record of a person.

Who are required for criminal record ?

  1. Vietnamese citizens permanent/ temporary reside in the country.
  2. Vietnamese citizens is residing abroad.
  3. Vietnamese citizens cannot identify permanent/ temporary residence.
  4. Foreigners is residng in Vietnam.
  5. Foreigners resided in Vietnam.

Classification of criminal record

Criminal card No. 1: issued at the request of Vietnamese citizens, foreigners who have been or are currently residing in Vietnam and state agencies, political organizations or socio-political organizations for serving human resource management, business registration, establishment, management of enterprises, cooperatives.

Criminal card No. 2: granted to the procedure-conducting agency and granted at the request of the individual so that he/she can know the contents of his/her criminal record.


  1. The written application form.
  2. Identity card or passport.
  3. Household registration book or certificate of permanent or temporary residence in Vietnam.

Please be advised that the Embassy does not issue Criminal Record (Police Check). To save time and avoid paperwork hassle, you can apply for Criminal Record from us with Minimal document required.

How to Apply?

In order to apply your criminal record, applicants need to complete the following steps

1. Contact Us

Contact us for free consultancy

2. Submit Documents

Send us the requirements documents via e-mail

3. Get Result

Have your criminal record certificate

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