Airport Car Pick-Up

Maybe you are tired on the plane during the flight and you want to rest in hotel immediately to be ready for an interesting vacation. Catching your demands, we highly recommend our Car Pick-Up service beside applying Vietnam Visa Online service.

We can arrange both inter-terminal transfers as well as private transportation to and from city centers. With a wide ranging choice of executive cars to choose from, we can ensure that your journey remains smooth even after you have left the airport. For a bespoke quotation please do not hesitate to contact us or you can check tariff below.

Why you need Airport Car Pick-Up service?

  1. You are tired and just want to seat in luxury, comfortable car with cool atmosphere and be driven directly to your hotel. We can provide a private car like that in some minutes as soon as coming at the airport.
  2. It is so convenient, quick if you are in groups. You can order a car whose a number of seats are matched to your group.
  3. With a well training, considerate, professional chauffeur team, you can move from the airport to your hotel with peace of mind.
  4. The prominent advantage of our car pick- up service is cheap, fixed price, No extra expense. We don’t count the cost up to distance (kms) or time (minutes). Our duty is picking you up from the airport to your specific destination in city safely. Please click here to find out our fees.

Service Fee

Private Car - 4 seats 25 USD
Private Car - 7 seats 30 USD
Private Car - 16 seats 90 USD
Private Car - 24 seats 150 USD

How to Book?

In order to book your Airport Car Pick-Up service, you need to complete the following steps

1. Apply Online

Choosing Airport Car Pick-Up service while you apply Vietnam visa

2. Pick You Up

Our staff is waiting for you at the outside of airport gate to pick you up with your name on welcome board

3. Drive to City Center

Our staff will escort you to car parking and drive to the City center or hotel.

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