Cancellation and Refund Policy

Last updated: Jul 01, 2020 12:59 (GMT+07)


We guarantee to give clients the pre-approved letter within 24 - 48 hours for a 1-month tourist visa (3 – 5 business days and 4 business days for 3 months tourist visa and business visa respectively) for normal service. Therefore, your applications will be processed as soon as we received them in order to deliver your visa letter on time. If for any reason you wish to cancel your request on our system, kindly consider our cancellation policy as below:

  • No charges if cancellation is implemented up to 1 hour after completed your application on our website.
  • Any cancellation after 1 working hour or after your application sent to Vietnam Immigration Department is charged 100% for a cancellation fee.

You can cancel your request by emailing us via or call us at our hotline +84.327.117.119 for assistance.

Refund Policy

In case of denied applications without changes or changes are made inappropriate time, the refund will be as:

  • Denied applications and canceled applications on time will be refunded 100%

Non-Refundable in Following Cases: 

  • Your application has been processing or done.
  • For visa approval letter
    • For errors made by the client and request to arrange a new correct one, we will charge as follow: charge extra 80% fee arrange new approval letter (this fee will be depended on your type and term of Visa). The Visa Approval letter is issued by The Vietnamese Immigration, so we are unable to change any detail once it is issued.
    • For our company's errors, we will refund 100% fee or arrange a new visa letter for our customers
    • If the client does not contact us within 2 working days after receiving our service, for any trouble we do not take responsibility.
    • In case, the client provides us the incorrect information including personal information and contact details, we won't be responsible for that. 
    • We will deny entering Vietnam for the next time if our customers use Fake Credit Card to settle the payment.
  • For Extra Services (Fast Track and Vip Fast Track, Airport Pick-up)
    • If we have already arranged these services for the customers.
    • If the customers do not provide their flight details including the flight number and the exact arrival time.
    • If the customers have any changes in their flight details and arrival date but they do not inform us in advance.
  • Orders over 6 months will not be refunded.

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