Is Vietnam Visa On Arrival legitimate?

Is Vietnam Visa On Arrival legitimate?

If you are plan to make a trip to Vietnam, you probably have lots of things to prepare including a visa. Before booking your airline tickets, your hotel, you might want to get a Vietnam Visa to make sure of your possibility of entering Vietnam. After spending your time searching on the internet, you can find out several ways to get a Vietnam visa such as applying with Vietnam Embassy in your local place and applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival. So is what is Vietnam Visa on Arrival? And Is it legitimate? This article will release your concern about it

Visa On Arrival is one of Vietnam visa types that allows applicants to get the pre-approved with Vietnam travel agents and get the visa stamped at Vietnam international airport upon arrival. Obtaining a Vietnam visa in this way is very fast, easy since you can do it online and do not need to send off any documents for visa processing. In contrast, you will have to personally visit the Vietnam embassy near your living country. This can be a problem for those who reside in areas far away from the embassy location. At the embassy, you will be required to fill the Visa application form and submit some other documents that are less convenient than getting Visa On Arrival.

But some people have doubts that is Visa On Arrival legitimate and will they have any problems to use them upon arrival? We would like to confirm that Visa On Arrival is legitimated by the Visa Vietnam Department which comes under the Vietnam Government. Similar to the Vietnam visas obtained at the embassies of Vietnam, Visa On Arrival is also processed and approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department, the only governmental authority authorized to issue the visa to Vietnam. There is no difference between applying for Visa on Arrival online through travel agencies and applying for a visa at the embassy. That is why the country of Vietnam allows business travelers and leisure tourists to obtain the entry visa they need when they arrive at the airport in Vietnam.

Moreover, this visa is not a scam like some unscrupulous travel operators have claimed. Visitors even prefer it to visas issued by the Vietnam Embassy because of its benefits. For instance, the embassy method requires the applicant to visit the embassy several times before the process is completed. Also, it is not a good option for those who need a visa urgently because the processing can take 7 business days. Moreover, the documents you submit will be forwarded ahead via postal mail, which means you could lose your documents if your package is misplaced or lost in transit. Meanwhile, Visa On Arrival is faster and much more convenient. All the procedures of application can be completed online. All you need to do is getting in touch with a travel agent based in Vietnam. You will be asked to go on their website and fill up an online application form on the agent’s website. You will have to fill in your personal details such as your name, occupation, duration of stay, the purpose of visit, etc. When filling up the purpose of the visit section, you will have to choose your purpose of visit such as business, tourist. A business and tourist visa can get you the validity of one month, three months (six months and 1 year for United States citizens).

Although it is simple to apply for Visa on Arrival, you please keep in mind that this option is applicable to those who travel to Vietnam by AIR ONLY and your visa approval letter needs to be verified before you ever leave your home country to head to a local airport.

Written by Vietnam Immigration and Visa Consultation | Thu, Jul 02, 2020